Kolster Oy Ab

The cooperation between Bravemotion and the Finnish company Kolster Oy Ab started when Kolster needed to improve the efficiency of their board work. Kim Kolster, Chairman of the board talks about his experiences of  Bravemotion down-to-earth cooperation.

We are a family-owned company in the fifth generation. I met Eva from Bravemotion at an event organized by Finnish Family Business Network (Perheyritystenliitto), where she gave a presentation. Later we got in contact and I asked her for an offer to run a project with our company board.

Our project was called Professionalizing the board. The starting point was this: I had taken the chairman role approximately two years earlier when my father had retired. Besides myself and my father, there were only two other members in the board. We wanted to make the board work more efficient and professional in general. We also wanted to look into the future and renew the board.

Bravemotion leads towards renewal

We have met the goals we set in the beginning. We had planned to increase the number of board members by one, but Bravemotion told us to find two new members and to have an even bigger renewal than we had planned. Eva and Tuija from Bravemotion were not afraid to voice out their opinion.

Bravemotion’s role in this project was huge, and their work was truly professional. We started by evaluating the current situation. That meant interviewing all the board members and top management. After that Bravemotion made recommendations of five-year targets and action plans. Right now, the following steps are clear for everybody.

Working in down-to-earth manner

Bravemotion’s working method has been truly clear to us since the beginning.  I have used several consultants, but Eva and Tuija were a breath of fresh air among them. They avoided all that jargon that consultants usually use, and all the communication starting from their offer was very clear and understandable.

If I had to crystallize Bravemotion’s work in one word, it would be down-to-earth. Our work together was a true collaboration, not like the usual work with consultants. It is not always connected to the real work and world.

Would you recommend Bravemotion?

Yes, I would certainly recommend Bravemotion’s services to others. On a scale from 1 to 10, I would choose a full ten.

Kim Kolster
Chairman of the Board, Kolster Oy Ab

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