Who we are

We help you in creating sustainable results by making sense of it all while keeping people in mind all the time. We look for solutions and design approaches for you to find your strengths, excel at leadership, improve collaboration, and tame conflicts. Our services are always tailor-made for you. Our starting point is analysis, which is always based on latest research and data, and then turned into recommendations and applicable everyday practices.

Our story begins in 2017, when Eva and Tuija first met in a professional context. It did not take long to notice that we had fun working together, supporting, and positively challenging each other. We share the belief that issues need to be tackled bravely, acknowledging emotions, moving forward, and making things happen. These are the seeds that grew into becoming Bravemotion in 2018. The company name is a combination of braveness, emotion, and motion, which are the elements needed in leadership and sustainable success.

Tuija Janakka

Puhelin: +358 40 8600569
Sähköposti: firstname.lastname@bravemotion.com

Tuija is highly experienced leader and coach (ACC, IFC), who has managed extensive change programs in diverse business fields from industrial context to business-to-business services and cultural field. Her personal mission is to make people and organizations shine in change. Her aspiration for high-quality leadership and better work-life makes her delve into each assignment with a passion.

Tuija has a master’s degree in business administration and has since carried out studies in change management, applied neuroleadership and people studies. As a certified practitioner of resilience, organizational culture, and a certified board member, she has an ability to scrutinize business and leadership in a systemic manner.

In her leisure time Tuija enjoys slow Sundays and spends time at her summerhouse.

Eva Wathén

Puhelin: +358 40 5534491
Sähköposti: firstname.lastname@bravemotion.com

Eva is at her best when she can let her creative mind and inspiring ideas flourish. She connects both people and concepts with ease and aims for the big picture. International working environment and meaningful interactions bring her always an energy boost.

Having worked in a variety of roles in family business settings makes it easier for her to help others in similar contexts. She is an entrepreneur through heart and soul and a certified coach (PCC, ICF) with a strong presence and an intuitive mind.

She has her master’s degree in applied psychology and tourism marketing and holds also an eMBA.

When Eva has time off, you most probably find her reading or enjoying nature and sports.