Crazy for Organizational culture

The many faces and implications of organizational culture has caught our fancy and passion – we just love culture. People are loyal to culture, not to strategy. Good organizational culture and team dynamics drive performance levels, financial results, effectiveness and it is an integral part of a strategy. It is always an intrinsic reflection of organizational values. It is also a reflection of the past, but the real question is whether it helps you to achieve your future goals.

Would you like to know where you stand with your organizational culture?

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Leadership coaching – Hungry for Happy Growth

Leadership coaching is vital because leaders are made, not born. Today’s work is predominantly carried out in teams, projects, internal and external networks. Leadership skills are thus needed everywhere whether you are an expert, project manager, work in a matrix organization or have a C-suite role. To engage in leading others requires knowing oneself: to understand your own emotions, desires, abilities and motivation. The meta skills of today are self-awareness and ability to engage in personal growth.

Would you like to know something new about yourself?

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Reliably Resilient – build your organizational resilience

It is your organization’s ability to absorb and adapt to the unpredictable, while continuing to deliver and thrive what we call organizational resilience. The more volatile times you have ahead of you, the more resilient you want to be. Research shows that individual resilience is good, but organizational resilience is what matters in severe business disruptions.

Would you like to thrive and bounce back from your next bump?

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Friendly with Family Business

Family businesses are systems with several overlapping entities, all entailing specific roles and goals – sometimes even conflicting ones. We have understanding, expertise and hands-on experience of this often complex context. Our systemic thinking allows us to have a holistic approach to the challenges that are prevailing in any part of a family business system. We head for new ways of reasoning facilitating changes that have a long-term impact.

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