Crazy for organizational culture

The many faces and implications of organizational culture has caught our fancy and passion – we just love culture. People are loyal to culture, not to strategy. Good organizational culture and team dynamics drive performance levels, financial results, effectiveness, quality, employee engagement and customer satisfaction. Thus, it is an integral part of strategy implementation and should be the top interest of both management teams and governing bodies.

It is always an intrinsic reflection of organizational values. It is also a reflection of the past, but the real question is whether it helps you to achieve your future goals. Culture is sticky stuff and therefore whenever you are looking for cultural changes, you need to prepare yourself for a consistent, mutually aligned and well-planned journey including all the necessary stakeholders. During your journey you may stumble with deep embedded organizational beliefs and assumptions that need to be addressed and removed if they do not serve your future goals.

Would you like to know where you stand with your organizational culture?

Our services help you to assess your current corporate culture, its strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. We utilise an internationally renowned framework developed by Denisonsconsulting and work together with their international team of experts and professionals devoted to organizational culture development. The model is scientifically assessed and validated with proven links between organizational culture and business performance.

We will engage you in a dialogue to create a common understanding in your team and discuss the implications of your current culture on your business. This is done through self-assessment or by using a more compact predesigned survey, scalable to organizations of different sizes. We provide global perspective already during the assessment phase and generate impactful discussions throughout the organization to find out how your present culture supports or hinders aspirations set together. To make real cultural changes that matter, we will help you to agree on actions to go forward and utilise different methodologies, e.g. MIT-methodology, to do that. We are there for you to support you in generating ideas, prioritizing and making action plans. Organizational development is a long-haul journey but when well-planned and engaging, also very rewarding to everybody as results start accumulating. In order to keep yourself going in a systematic and motivating manner, we can also help you to monitor the work in progress. Our working method is applicable to organizations of any kind, from stock-listed corporations to privately owned companies and non-profit organizations.

Our approach is based on robust research and world class diagnostics and development tools. We tailor all our projects according to customer-specific needs with readiness to build programs on face-to-face, online or hybrid basis – whatever is most effective and least cumbersome. Let’s get together, if you are working with:

  • Culture alignment for strategy implementation
  • Organizational turnaround and transformation
  • Culture as an element in succession processes
  • Value workshops to support cultural transformation
  • Mergers and acquisitions integration
  • Leadership development and transitions
  • Team building and individual performance improvement

If you want us to have a role in execution as well, we are happy to tell you more about our Transformation as a Service concept.

organisaatiokulttuuri - yrityskulttuuri
organisaatiokulttuuri - yrityskulttuuri