Bravemotion’s passion is to pave the way for a high-performance culture and individual growth of leaders.  Bravemotion puts together the brain and the heart, the whole and the part, the theory and practice.  We are ignited by challenges and inspired by results,  we pursue  actions bravely  and consistently  with an inbuilt desire to move forward.

Tuija Janakka

Mobile: +358 40 8600569

Tuija is passionate about making people and organizations shine. She is at her best when she can work in a context in which culture, leadership and processes intertwine with business results. Challenges do not scare her away – on the contrary- she gets inspired by them and works with perseverance to arrive at the best possible outcomes. Having led a number of profound change processes at multiple organizational levels in different cultural settings, provides her the tools to help others with similar questions. She is not a stranger to academic research and has a special interest in neuroscience-based leadership. Her special gift is to provide a calm and relaxed atmosphere regardless of the setting or situation. This makes her an excellent certified coach (ACC, ICF). She has her Master’s in Economics along with several other management and leadership studies to keep her constantly updated.

Eva Wathén

Mobile: +358 40 5534491

Eva is at her best when she can let her creative mind and inspiring ideas flourish.  She connects both people and concepts with ease and aims for the big picture. Her positive spirits, energy and ability to move are irresistible to any audience. She has an international background both through work and studies and she is passionate about diversity and inclusion.  Having worked in a variety of roles in family business settings makes it easier for her to help others in similar contexts. She is an entrepreneur through heart and soul and a certified coach (PCC, ICF) with a strong presence and an intuitive mind. She has her Master’s degree (Tourism Marketing)  from the University of Surrey and another Master’s (Applied Psychology) from the Robert Gordon University. She also holds an eMBA.

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    Bravemotion has chosen the following partners to collaborate with.   

    Culture analysis, development and change 

    Denison Consulting provides world class diagnostics and robust research on organizational culture transformation and leadership developmentBravemotion is a certified partner of Denison Organizational Culture Diagnostic tool and works closely with Denison Consulting to help clients towards high-performance culture in which engaged employees achieve exceptional results. 

    Self-awareness, self-leadership, self-development 

    Integrative Enneagram Solutions provides a broad framework and tools to understand oneself better to bring about personal growth, improved relationships and inner balance. These tools bring you breakthrough outcomes in leadership development, teamworkcommunication and productivity resulting in a better bottom line. As Integrative Enneagram Practitioners Bravemotion can unlock the full potential of you and your team. 

    Organizational resilience

    Resilient Organizations Ltd provide research and fresh perspective on building future-ready organizations, who are able to survive and thrive in a world of uncertainty. It is their ground-breaking work which has given us the insight of the key indicators which define resilience. Bravemotion is happy to partner with Resilient Organizations Ltd to build further insights, culture and capability for organizations to survive a crisis and thrive in the face of uncertainty and disruption.