Friendly with Family Business

Family businesses are systems including the overlapping subsystems of family, business and ownership. These subsystems incorporate system-specific roles, goals and expectations, that can at times appear misaligned. Family as a subsystem brings along an array of emotions, aspirations, values and traditions. The alignment of these among several owners and across generations can generate additional challenges to tackle. What should be prioritized if the system presents conflicting goals? Does family or business come first at the end of the day?
We have understanding, expertise and hands-on experience of this complex context. Our systemic thinking allows us to have a holistic approach to the challenges that are prevailing in any part of a family business system. We head for new ways of reasoning facilitating changes that are sustainable and have a long-term impact.

Would you like to choose us as your family business advisor?

We consult family businesses taking benefit of our own hands-on family business experience. As a trusted advisor, our role can be adjusted to your specific needs. We believe that for a long-distance journey, it is good to have somebody to challenge perspectives, to enable to see new opportunities and to help to navigate when it becomes foggy. We aim to strengthen the system to solve its own problems and challenges. One could say that our role is to be the stabilizing wheel when the road feels bumpy. We stabilize as long as it is needed for the journey to continue on own wheels, with own resources, own skills and capabilities and potential enhanced. Most importantly, we take off our wheel only when we are sure that all key persons share the same idea of the destination as well as the resources and timetable needed to reach it. We support communication and help navigating through conflicts in a restorative manner. We do not provide ready solutions, but do bring along tools, examples, cases and own experience to generate your own insights and growth.

Our family business consultancy networks are international, and we aim at providing the latest research and solutions in the field of family business consulting. We also apply psychology to broaden the understanding of what is inherited, what is learnt and what needs to be passed on the future generations. We work cross cultures and cross generations and are ready to help you with

  • The purpose, mission and vision of the complex system and its parts
  • Owners’ strategy
  • Family business governance facilitation
  • Family business board composition and board development
  • Clarification of the roles and responsibilities of owners and other key persons.
  • Communication within the system and conflict resolution
  • Personal and team development of owning (and other) family members
  • Trainings tailored to Next Generation needs or training to support succession processes
  • Tailored work shops for owning families

We can start by getting to know each other first. Check out also our Empowered Next Gen -coaching and individual development program.