Leadership coaching – Hungry for Happy Growth

Leadership coaching is vital because leaders are made, not born. Today’s work is predominantly carried out in teams engaged in versatile projects, and involving both internal and external networks. Leadership skills are thus needed everywhere whether you are an expert, project manager, work in a matrix organization or have a C-suite role. To engage in leading others requires knowing oneself: to understand your own emotions, desires, abilities and motivation. The meta skills of today are self-awareness and ability to engage in personal growth.

Coaching and leading in a coaching manner enable personal and goal-oriented development. Coaching relies on personal strengths and individual development potential that both are cherished and enhanced with the help of a professional, certified coach. The process is forward-looking and applicable to individuals, diverse groups and high-performing teams.

Would you like to know something new about yourself?

Jump Start is our five-session tailored leadership coaching and individual development program for you if you want to take a light dive into your personality, values and mission and find out what would be the growth path for you to build your agility, resilience and happiness. Even incremental, smallest of changes require reflective moments with oneself. Instead of speeding ahead, it may be more beneficial to press the brakes and weigh the optional routes available. At times, the needs may be exactly the opposite, instead of a standstill, coaching may initiate the desired push towards new changes. Your role is to determine the destination and process pace and our role is to support and highlight the resources available to reach it.

All the Way is our ten-session tailored leadership coaching and individual development program for you if you want all of the above and have an organizational transformation initiative on your hands, and you would value fresh, inspirational perspectives on how to make it all happen. You probably value new insights and want to deploy them effectively in practice. All the way is a longer process and thus enables change management utilising multiple perspectives- your own change, team change or preparing oneself proactively for organizational change yet to come. We challenge, support, stop and accelerate the needed changes, together with you.

Empowered Next Gen is our eight-session tailored leadership coaching and individual development program for you if you are in the family business arena. It is a hybrid concept of Jump Start and All the way with a special focus on succession from one family generation to another. The succession is a lengthy process and represents the most challenging period for any family business. The better you are prepared to handle the challenges and opportunities succession provides, the better you can support the continuity of the business. We utilise research, experience and valuable case examples to support this coaching journey and take advantage of the tools and practices available to boost self-awareness, emotional intelligence and communication skills. The tools can also effectively reflect any outdated ways of thinking and working, and provide ideas how to initiate updates. We have special experience and understanding of owners’ personal resilience, which lies in the core of family business continuity.

Our executive coaching and individual leadership development programs are always tailored for your needs. Let us know what yours are. We are also happy to deliver a demo coaching session – free of charge.

Coaching - johtamisen kehittämin
Coaching - johtamisen kehittämin
Coaching - johtamisen kehittäminen