Reliably Resilient – build your organizational resilience

High organizational resilience is a success factor in times of adversity. It reflects your organization’s ability to absorb and adapt to the unpredictable, while continuing to deliver and thrive despite of challenges. The more volatile times you have ahead of you, the more resilient you want to be. Research shows that individual resilience is essential as such, but insufficient to tackle organizational challenges. Rather, it needs the supporting hand of a favourable culture, empowering leadership and sustainable working methods – good organizational resilience. The organizations that witness a culture where personal resilience can thrive tend to outperform as collectives in adversity.

Would you like to thrive and bounce back from your next bump?

Our services help you to assess how well your organization faces coming, unpredictable disruptions and how to build sustainable organizational resilience. The research and success stories highlight three main three drivers of resilience: leadership & culture, networks & relationships and readiness for change. Our role is to enhance your understanding of the areas that play the most critical role when building your resilience muscles.

We will engage you in a dialogue to create a common understanding in your team and discuss the implications of your current resilience level on your business risks. To build real organizational resilience that matters, we will help you to agree on actions to go forward. We are there for you to support you in generating ideas, prioritizing and making action plans. And we can help you to monitor progress. We utilise our international networks to exchange information, experiences and ideas across borders and actively engage in the processing and development of latest research and literature.

Organizational resilience is the breeding ground for personal resilience, our personal ability to manage challenges. The future work life appears more hybrid and decentralised, necessitating individual development and support regardless of the location, type and mode of work. The changing environment requires attentive leadership, where resilience can provide a lens to practise this attention. Resilience correlates with personal well-being and productivity. The development of resilience usually starts with a personal assessment that highlights the areas that require improvement to tackle challenges more effectively and in a sustainable manner. The assessment also reveals the areas that are true personal resilience muscles to lean to. Development of personal resilience can occur in conjunction with an individual coaching process where the muscles are further trained or as part of a specified group- / team-based training.

We at Bravemotion understand the business benefits of high-level resilience, whether on individual-, team- or organizational level. This enables us to tailor training programs suited to customer-specific resilience needs.

If you want us to have a role in execution as well, we are happy to tell you more about our Transformation as a Service concept.

Our resilience portfolio

  • Assessment and development of personal resilience
  • Resilience workshops for teams and larger organizations
  • Analysis or group and organizational resilience
  • Development of family business owners’ resilience
  • Coaching process tailored to develop resilience
  • Development of resilience-embracing organizational culture

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